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Company’s Overview

Janaen Wasset Co. (one of Albaraka group) is founded in 1996, is Private ownership Construction and Infrastructure Company delivering together with its allies companies in Albaraka group affordable solution while maintaining International Standards of quality, Safety, Environment &value engineering for the benefit of our customers, nation and society through professionalism, ,Integrity and ethic. Company is located in Iraq – Baghdad, Al Jadiriya – behind koral hotel. Our staff of more than 200 employees includes registered engineers and professional specialists. Experience, people, technology and flexibility to do it right are the strengths that enable Janaen Wasset and its allies companies in (Albaraka group) to exceed our clients’ expectations and leave a positive impact in the communities they serve. The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

Owner’s Message

The new Iraq and its people truly deserve basic human needs in order for democracy and freedom to become real. JANAEN WASEET Co. and its allies companies in (Albaraka group) provides expert contractor services to Iraq with the help of our Corporate Partners companies. We committed to providing Oilfield Services, reliable electricity, clean water and wastewater services, quality infrastructure, including storage / Warehousing / Custom Clearance, and agricultural services including animals breeding , Urban agriculture, and supply ,commissioning, operating and maintenance of irrigation stations. Each year brings new opportunities for growth and success, JANAEN WASSET is pleased and honored to build an alliance as it joins hands in fulfilling its goal of bringing the company into greater heights by venturing into new projects that would manifest its supreme expertise and dedication of construction and overland transportation, and agricultural services.

Mission & Vision

To be a world class Construction and Infrastructure Company and delivering affordable Solutions while maintaining International Standards, Integrity and ethics and To provide best quality construction & building contracting solutions while maintaining high standards of quality, safety, Environment & value engineering, for the benefit of our customer, nation & society through professionalism, ethics, quality and Customer service. To continually improve our competitive edge through innovations, Motivation, suggestion schemes and customer feedbacks.


Janaen Wasset is Contracting Company has made its reputation in Quality Management. We maintains an effective Quality Control program designed to meet end results for all construction parameters.

Procurement Services

Janaen Wasset and its allies companies in Albaraka group leverages regional procurement expertise and established supplier networks to provide the best value for your capital investments.

Construction Management

Our thrust is to provide professional project management services that lead to result and balance of practicality with project and construction management discipline.

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